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No matter the size, cost or deadline of your project, it is vital to rely on data that you can trust. IBEX CE has worked tirelessly to develop a reputation of integrity and accuracy. We understand the stakes that are on offer whilst waiting for influential data that could steer the direction of your project. Offering timely and reliable results, IBEX CE strives to empower clients with quality approved results at affordable rates. 

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CBR Testing Vs Plate Bearing Testing

IBEX CE is a qualified team of chartered geotechnical engineers and experts. Our services span a wide variety of project needs with a range of ground investigation services to suit your specifications. 

To measure the ground bearing capacities of temporary haul roads and subgrade soil strength of the proposed roads/pavements, there are two commonly employed tests. Namely being, CBR tests and plate bearing tests. 

If you’re wondering which test suits your needs, read our article on the differences between plate bearing testing and CBR testing. Alternatively, contact IBEX CE today and speak to our team of chartered geotechnical engineers.

CBR vs Plate Load test: Which do I need?

The California Bearing Ratio and Plate Load Bearing tests are both geotechnical investigative procedures that analyse the strength of the subgrade natural deposits as well as man-made temporary fills…

About plate bearing testing

The plate bearing test is globally agreed to be a highly consistent measure of the bearing capacity of subgrade soils. Its results offer accuracy and utility within the construction industry. The test offers insights into the design and construction of shallow foundations or temporary works. This may include crane mats or piling rigs.

We undertake the plate bearing test in accordance with BS1377 part 9 Method 4.1. IBEX CE is committed to producing a high standard of work throughout our services. Any in-situ procedures performed on your site are exposed to the highest expectations of precision and expertise. 

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What is the purpose of the plate bearing test?

In-situ testing can inform clients of the quality and strength of the subgrade materials located beneath a construction site. This includes CBR testing and Plate bearing tests. Results are completed professionally and offer rapid results on a nationwide basis. 

Plate bearing testing is often used in the design of temporary working structures such as piling mats, temporary working platforms for heavy cranes, and temporary haulage roads. The key data recorded from the procedure is used to determine the ultimate bearing capacity of the fill or working platform in order to ensure that newly placed will carry the heavy machinery without any form of failure or instability. The strength and variable stability of the near-surface soils are critical for the design and implementation of stable working platforms. 

When designing any permanent or temporary structures, a plate load-bearing test is recommended. This allows the project team to establish the settlement and strength of subgrade materials. This occurs to ensure the safe loading of any permanent foundations or temporary structures. 

Plate Bearing Testing Procedure


1. Site Preparation

To ensure professional completion of the investigation procedure, induction of the construction site must occur before testing begins. This will include the completion of a risk assessment and implementation of any required PPE. 

The testing site may then require preparation including the removal of hard-standing underlying sub-base material. A sample of the subgrade soil will be collected for moisture testing at an external partnered UKAS accredited laboratory.


2. Assembly

Upon completion of any introductory preparations, your IBEX engineers will assemble the necessary apparatus. 

  • The bearing plate is placed flushed to the ground. 
  • A datum bar is used to establish precise dial gauges to provide readings of the bearing capacity.
  • A hydraulic jack is placed in the centre of the testing plate and a reaction load is used to provide kentledge. The reaction load can be provided via plants situated on-site. 


3. Plate Bearing Testing Procedure

A load is applied to the bearing plate in increments via the hydraulic jack as it pushes against the reaction load. For each load, force is applied until a rate of settlement is observed at <0.2mm/min. At this rate, the settlement figure is recorded and the next load increment will be applied.

This process is repeated until there is no significant change in the settlement that is observed. Typically this will continue until failure or a settlement of 10mm. 

After completing this process, the apparatus is disassembled and used to perform the test in other specified areas of the site. Depending on the requirements of your project, the number of tests to be performed will be discussed throughout the consultation phase. Performing plate load tests across various locations of the site offer a fair reading of the bearing capacity of the area.


4. Test Completion

After completing the plate bearing testing procedure, your IBEX engineer will disassemble the equipment utilised throughout the procedure. We also endeavour to ensure the site is left in a clean and safe condition. 

At IBEX CE, we endeavour to provide fast and accurate results after the completion of your plate bearing test. Meaning you should expect to hear from our team with the relevant data within a short period of time.


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To ensure the production of effective data, we pride ourselves on following standardised procedures and completing tests to the highest quality. IBEX CE is dedicated to providing a convenient and cost-effective service. As an extension of this, we offer some of the most cost-effective quotations across the UK for plate bearing testing.

If you’re interested in receiving further information about plate bearing testing, don’t hesitate to contact us today. IBEX CE also provides a range of alternative ground investigation methods. Speak to our team to discover the services that we offer. Our geotechnical engineers are on hand to offer expert advice and custom quotations for your precise needs.

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