Laboratory and In-situ Testing Services

We offer a comprehensive geo-environmental and geotechnical laboratory testing. All our laboratory tests are completed by UKAS and MCERTS accredited laboratories whom we work closely with to deliver accurate and reliable results as quickly and as cost effectively as possible.

Geotechnical Laboratory Testing

As an independent laboratory at IBEX our established in-house geotechnical laboratory facility, employs an experienced team of dedicated technicians providing a wide range of geotechnical engineering tests.

Testing Services

The laboratory testing are as follows:

Soil Classification Tests

(e.g. moisture contents, liquid & plastic limits, particle size distribution tests and saturated moisture content of Chalk)

Strength Testing

(e.g. laboratory valve tests, unconsolidated undrained triaxial compression (UUTC) tests, consolidated drained triaxial compression (CDTC) tests, quick undrained triaxial compression tests, small/large shear box tests, advanced triaxial tests, bender element tests, isotopically/ anisotropically consolidated triaxial tests).

Rock Tests

(e.g. unconfined compressive strength (UCS) tests, point load tests, thermal conductivity tests)

Geochemical Testing

(e.g. ACEC concrete class specification tests to BRE SD1:2015 (e.g. Water/Acid Soluble Sulphate, Sulphur Content, pH), chemical analysis on soils and water for contamination assessment (CLEA heavy metals, TPH, PAH, SVOC, VOC etc.), waste acceptance criteria (WAC) testing, asbestos identification and quantification, topsoil re-use determination to BS3882:2015)

Other Bespoke Tests

(e.g. soaked California Bearing Ratio (CBR) Testing in accordance with BS1377, oedometer/consolidation tests, moisture condition value tests, compaction tests to aid the earthworks design, variable tests to aid lime/cement stabilised earthworks design)

In-situ Testing
  • BRE 365 Soakage Testing
  • Borehole Permeability Testing
  • Hand Shear Vane Testing
  • Pocket Penetrometer Testing
  • Plate Load Testing
  • In-situ CBR tests (e.g. DCPs or Mexe Cone)
  • Nuclear Density Tests to confirm the compaction rates for earthworks
  • Axial Pull-Out tests to verify the designed pile lengths for Solar Parks
  • Anchor Suitability Testing to verify the maximum bearing loads for reinforced slopes

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