Geotechnical Engineering Consultants

Our ground investigations are cost effective, robust and top quality in line with your requirements as well as regulatory authorities’ requirements.

Geotechnical Consultants

Trust in reliable and assured ground investigation data from IBEX Consulting Engineers. Completed to the highest standards, our team of specialist geotechnical engineers guarantees a safety-first approach to detect geotechnical risks and contamination sources (if any). 

Our mission is to confidently and efficiently identify and manage geotechnical risks throughout your project lifecycle. Our services have been deployed across several development sectors, utilising various methods of in-situ investigation and professional off-site laboratory sampling

IBEX CE is highly experienced in delivering cost-effective geotechnical services for clients throughout the UK. Choose from our extensive array of ground investigation services and contact us today for your no-hassle quotation.

Surveying geotechnical risks across the country 

At IBEX CE, we understand that the ground conditions are the most temperamental variable at the start of any construction project. Varying in stability and support, the existing ground conditions could dictate your project’s potential cost and projected programme.

Our services are designed to investigate and identify the ground and groundwater conditions and physical and chemical properties. This data will assist you in developing foundations, drainage, pavement design, buried concrete, retaining structures and earthworks. We identify existing geotechnical risks to the end-users, the adjacent structures, and the surrounding environment and ecology during this process. 


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Offering some of the most cost-effective packages throughout the UK, IBEX CE will combine geotechnical and contamination investigations to evaluate your site comprehensively. 

Our chartered and highly experienced site supervisors frequently undertake in-situ tests, including soakage tests, permeability tests, and various in-situ CBR tests in accordance with the best practice. This is to provide equivalent in-situ CBR and/or long term characteristic design CBR values as required by many Local Authorities and the Highways England, who will likely adopt these access roads.

Before acquiring land or commencing expensive construction projects, it is vital to uncover the risks and conditions of the ground you are investing in. 

Certified Geotechnical Consultancy

At IBEX Consulting Engineers, we are proud to provide services regulated to the highest standards. 

Our intrusive site investigations are undertaken following BS:5930 and relevant Euro codes. 

In-situ testing and sampling are undertaken under Eurocode 7, BS5930, BS10175, BS1377 or other specific guidance relevant to the individual tests.

An independent and UKAS accredited laboratory carries out geotechnical laboratory tests in accordance with BS1377.

An independent and MCERTS and UKAS accredited chemical testing laboratory carries out geochemical laboratory tests and guarantees a fast and reliable turnaround of results within 3 or 5 working days.

Our Expertise

With the ability to evolve and adapt to the needs of our clients, IBEX CE can provide specialist ground consultancy services across many site conditions. 

Whether you’re acquiring, selling or developing land, we have the tools, accreditations and experience to highlight and provide recommendations to deal with any type of hazard or geotechnical risk. 

See the full range of applications for our services below:

Foundation Design Parameters

Pavement Design

Basement Design Parameters

Retaining Wall Design Parameters

Settlement Analyses

Heaving Assessments

Finite Element Analyses (FEA)

Stabilised Slope Design with/without reinforcement (e.g. anchors or geotextiles)

Preliminary Pile Design

Piling Mat Design in accordance with BRE 475

Slope Stability Assessments with Sensitivity Analyses

Evaluation of Dissolution Features using LiDAR & Surfer

BRE 365 Soakage testing or Permeability Testing

Earthworks Design and Supervision

Desiccation Assessment or BRE 412 Assessments or Site-Specific Assessments

We utilise the highest quality technology, equipment and testing procedures to comprehensively assess your site for various applications.

Equipped with apparatus ranging from handheld tools to large rotary drilling rigs, sonic drilling rigs (full height and restricted height in the basements), access restricted modular drilling equipment (for basements), truck-mounted CPT rigs and excavators. We have suitable gear for a range of required sizes depending on the proposed structures and the access constraints.

After a preliminary inspection of the site, we’ll guide you on the suitability of various sampling, drilling and penetration techniques. All tests are conducted in adherence to their respective technical standards. The subsequent results provide a wide range of soil/rock parameters, including strength, density, plasticity, volume change potential, soil suction, compressibility and permeability.

Within your tailored geotechnical investigation report, you’ll receive a breakdown of the bespoke testing undertaken to provide comprehensive insights into your project. This will include various in-situ techniques completed during the fieldwork and soil samples analysed at a UKAS accredited laboratory.

Discuss the specifications of your project with an expert geotechnical consultant. 

Our team of experts at IBEX Consulting Engineers are here to put you at ease throughout the ground investigation process. Drawing upon extensive technical knowledge and years of experience, we are equipped to advise you on the most challenging aspects of your project. 

Ground investigations are performed following the appropriate standards, and we are accredited with various certifications to demonstrate integrity and professionalism.

If you require high-quality, cost-effective geotechnical consultancy services, don’t hesitate to contact IBEX Consulting Engineers today using our contact details below.

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