Geo Environmental Consultants

IBEX CE have a broad range of experience with current British codes and guidelines for contaminated land risk assessments regarding the protection of end users, construction workers, the underlying designated aquifers, controlled waters and the environment.

Geo-Environmental Assessments

A geo-environmental risk assessment aims to identify and remediate possible contamination (if any) within the underlying soils and groundwater to protect the end users as well as the surrounding environment. 

The geochemical tests carried out by a UKAS/MCERTS accredited and independent laboratory within five working days. Our chartered and highly experienced geo-environmental engineer(s) will provide recommendations for further remedial action (if required). 

If you require a robust geo-environmental assessment for your proposed construction project, drop us a line in our ‘contact us’ window. We have delivered numerous full-site investigations across the UK.

Qualitative and quantitative risk assessments conforming to regulatory requirements

The geochemical testing results and ground gas rates are assessed by our consulting engineer(s) in accordance with CIRIA C665, BS 8485:2015, BS 8576:2013 and a quantitative risk assessment determines whether remedial measures are required or not.

If/where required, a remediation options appraisal is undertaken at this stage and remediation method statements are prepared.

Early communication with the regulatory authorities is key for a new development or redevelopment in order to prevent costly delays. IBEX consulting engineers have a good relationship with Local Authority Environmental Health Officers, the Environment Agency and the NHBC.

Geo Environmental

Geotechnical Hazards

It is crucial to identify geotechnical hazards to prevent any form of ground-related movements/axial displacements/failure or instability.  

A competent geotechnical engineer is required to identify the site-specific geotechnical hazards and their impacts on the existing structures and on the proposed development. on your site. IBEX CE Limited will consult you in relation to the remediation options as well as mitigation measures to prevent and avoid any form of ground-related failure. 

Before commencing any planned construction works, no matter how big or small, a robust site investigation (non-intrusive desk study and/or intrusive) is required to identify the presence of any of the following geotechnical hazards:

  • Settlement risks
  • Subsidence
  • Bearing, sliding and rotation failures of the retaining structures
  • Heaving issues
  • Desiccation 
  • Land slips
  • Slope instability
  • Other geotechnical hazards 

Geo-environmental risks

  • Groundwater pollution
  • Contamination of soil

    Geo-Environmental Assessment Specialists

    IBEX Consulting Engineers are experienced in providing a broad range of geotechnical and geo-environmental services for various projects and site conditions. Our testing methods are robust and accredited to achieve the highest quality and safety standards. 

    To receive specialist advice on the potential risks associated with site conditions or to complete your bespoke geo-environmental assessment quotations, contact IBEX CE today. 

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